For parents of bus riders

What to do if after-school plans change 

  • Email
  • Caterina will confirm receipt of your email and notify the child, teacher and bus driver
  • DO NOT leave messages on the voicemail
  • If you prefer, use our form (right)
  • NO MESSAGES can be delivered after 2:45 pm (or after 1:30 pm on early day Wednesdays)

In the morning: Please communicate with your child in the morning so they know which bus to ride. Should your child board the wrong bus, the student will ride the bus route and arrangements will be made to reunite you with your child.  Aspen bus routes return to the ACDS campus, but the Carbondale and Basalt buses do not return to campus.

On the backpack: PreK, Kindergarten, and First Grade students on bus routes should have a luggage tag attached to their backpacks with their name, home address (physical) and home phone and/or cell number.  This information will help the bus drivers and teachers get the children to their appropriate destinations and bus stops.  If a child has a varied daily schedule, it is helpful to have that on the tag as well.

Drop off and pick up at the bus stops

  • Departure times firm: The AM route times on the schedule are when the bus is to depart the stop.  All students should be at the stop five minutes before the scheduled departure. Parents are not allowed to board the bus.

  • On-time pickup: Be on time to pick up your child at the bus stop in the afternoon.  If you know you are going to be late, please contact another parent that picks up at your stop so they can safeguard your child until you arrive, and the bus can continue when it is time to resume the route. The goal is to get every child home on schedule.

  • No parent to meet your child? Our drivers will not allow any child Second Grade and younger to disembark from the bus without a designated adult present. Third Grade and older: we need written permission from a parent to allow a child to leave the bus on their own. Email to give specific permission (for a particular stop or particular day) or global permission (for any stop or any day).

  • No phone calls to drivers: ACDS bus drivers will not be available by phone at any time while driving a route. This is the law for anyone with a CDL S class license. A driver may attempt to contact an absent parent at afternoon drop off only when the bus is parked and the emergency brake is set.


  • The Aspen Country Day Bus is an extension of our school.  Due to the age range of our student population, there is a level of behavior, language, and technology content that is appropriate for all age groups.  Please take a moment to discuss this with your child.  Technology content that might be acceptable amongst a group of Sixth Graders might not be appropriate for other children on the bus.

Bus Rules
for students

Try to make the bus ride a happy one for everyone else. Older children look out for younger ones.

Remain seated with your back against the seat back at all times when the bus is moving.

Use a classroom voice and classroom language. 

Do not distract or disobey the bus driver.
Keep your feet on the floor, not the seats or seat backs.
Bullying behavior will not be tolerated.
Keep your head, arms, legs, and belongings inside the bus.
Do not leave food on the seats or floor. Eating on the bus is a privilege that can be lost. Anyone caught throwing food on the bus will get to clean the bus. Put your garbage in the garbage can.
Do not deface or damage the bus.
Only use the emergency exit when directed to by a teacher or the driver. It's for an EMERGENCY ONLY!
Choose a seat you like when you board the bus and remain in that seat for the ride.
Keep your personal items with you and your legs forward so they are not blocking the aisle.
If anyone misbehaves, the Director of Transportation will consult with school administrators to decide what to do.
If anyone repeatedly violates the technology guidelines, the phone or device will be held for the day by a teacher or the bus driver and returned at the end of the day or the bus ride.
If anyone repeatedly breaks the bus rules, they may lose the privilege of riding the bus.


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