All about Play Week

Our annual musical extravaganza is January 24 & 25, 2020

The annual play is created and written by the Eighth Grade students themselves. It's a fantastic musical production with every student in the school on stage. 

Here's what happens during "Play Week"

Monday, everyone starts the day at school. Eighth Graders will be leading MLK Day of Service activities until 8:45 am, then they will depart for the Wheeler and spend the whole day there. Buses come to and leave from school as normal. Dropoff and pickup at school as normal. The usual Monday after-school homework help session is cancelled.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, START of the day: Everyone comes to school as normal, except Eighth Grade, who go straight to the Wheeler. Sixth and Seventh Graders go to the Wheeler for rehearsal in the midmorning. All other grades go for an hour or so in the afternoon.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, END of the day: By the end of the day on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, all grades are at the Wheeler. No one will be on campus at the end of the day. Dismissal from the Wheeler is at 3 pm. There is no early day on Wednesday. Instead of ending at 2 pm as usual, the school day continues -- at the Wheeler -- until 3 pm.

Please park your car and walk to the Wheeler to pick up your child. No double-parking or blocking traffic.

At day's end, any child (Fifth Grade and up) who is not being picked up by a parent or riding the bus must bring a note with permission to leave unaccompanied (i.e. to walk home, to go to a friend's house, or to go home with another family). Please give the note to the homeroom teacher or advisor. 


PreK through FIFTH Graders: lunch at school as usual.

SIXTH through EIGHTH Graders: bring a bag lunch OR about $10 cash for lunch in town. You break up into groups and head out to local lunch spots. No food whatsoever is allowed inside the Wheeler.

What happens FRIDAY?

On Friday all students go directly to the Wheeler at noon. No one will be on campus Friday. Friday bus service will run four hours later than normal and go directly to the Wheeler. Please have children eat lunch before they arrive. Children and buses leave from the Wheeler at 3 pm.

When should my actor/actress be at the Wheeler for the shows?
  • Friday: 5:30 pm
  • Saturday: 4:30 pm
  • Drop off your children at the stage door on Mill Street. Teachers will escort children upstairs and help them get into costume. Sorry, no parents are allowed backstage.

ROSES will be for sale in the second-floor lobby during intermission both nights. Cash only, please.

NO FOOD is allowed anywhere at the Wheeler, so please make sure children have something to eat before the performances.

GLAM UP! Makeup: Children should come to the performances already wearing makeup: simple eyeliner and red lipstick for all, boys and girls alike. This is because the stage lights tend to wash out eyes and lips, so these need extra definition.


The ban on use of personal electronics during school hours carries over to our time at the Wheeler (except during performances, see below). During the week, please leave all ipods, cell phones, laptops, Kindles, game devices, music and video players at home. This rule greatly improves the experience for the children at the Wheeler. Please support our efforts in guiding students to make responsible and productive choices around their use of electronics.

Children will be able to read, play board games, do homework or puzzles, knit, chat and play in the public spaces of the Wheeler. If they like, children are welcome to bring a camping headlamp (marked with their name) to use to read in the darkened theater while waiting to go on stage during rehearsals. The evenings of the actual performances, appropriate use of personal electronics is allowed backstage.

The restriction on personal electronics applies to teachers as well. NO TEXTING OF TEACHERS. If you wish to reach a teacher via email or phone during the day, please call the school office at 925-1909 or direct to Grace Nims at 429-3856 and we'll relay a message.

The Wheeler has tightened security in recent years. Here are the rules:

  • No one may enter the the Wheeler except teachers with students.
  • No one will be allowed to enter through the box office.
  • All rehearsals are closed.
  • If a student has to leave before the stated pickup time, a parent must call ACDS at 429-3856 to arrange for a teacher to deliver your child to the stage door.
  • If you need to contact a child, a teacher, or anyone else inside, you must go through the ACDS main office. Call Grace at 429-3856 and she will communicate your message. Please do not text teachers or students.
Announcing the All-School Play of 2020

The Eighth Grade playwrights are now prepared to reveal the story behind their one-of-a-kind production called unCOVERed:

They're living in a dystopian future where creativity and free will are forbidden -- no art, no stories, no decisions to make, no control over their own lives -- until, because of some mysterious circumstances, one of them is given something rare and precious -- a book. Suddenly a whole world of possibilities opens up to them. See what happens on stage in January!


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