Community Code

When it comes to expectations for student behavior, the Community Code is the most important document for children and parents to understand. It sets out expectations regarding a variety of school community issues. It's based on our five core values, which we reference often at school in classes, on Outdoor Education, at recess, and throughout the year. The Community Code is part of the fabric of daily life for students.

The Five Core Values and what they look like in action
  • I listen to and consider the opinion of others without judgment.
  • I understand and follow the guidelines of the school and, when I have a question about them, I ask a teacher or staff member.
  • I do not take or damage others’ belongings.


  • I own my words and actions.
  • I manage my belongings and clean up after myself.
  • I make the right choices when no one is looking; if I don’t know the difference between what is right or wrong, I seek guidance from an adult.
  • I own my mistakes and learn from them.
  • I tell the truth and do my own work.
  • I support and welcome all community members with kindness.
  • I consider the feelings of others before I speak or act.
  • I step in or ask for help when I see someone damaging our community in any way.
  • I continue to do my best when something is difficult because I know that is when learning takes place.
  • I accept that I will sometimes be disappointed and will use that as an opportunity to learn.
Aspen Country Day School students are expected to
  • Respect themselves; be proud of themselves and their accomplishments
  • Respect and value the rights and accomplishments of others
  • Develop a strong character to make good decisions
  • Follow the class rules established by the teacher
  • Follow directions the first time they are given
  • Be responsible for themselves and their belongings
  • Be loyal and respectful toward the school; always respect and take care of school property
  • Exemplfy the school's core values in behavior at school, away from home, and online
How we create a community of respect

Aspen Country Day School fulfills its mission for its students by educating children academically and socially so they may become responsible citizens. We rely on positive reinforcement for mature and responsible behavior, as well as consequences intended to promote reflection and behavior modification when a member of our community behaves irresponsibly toward himself, others, or property. possible consequences for unacceptable behavior include detention, probation, suspension, or expulsion. We believe each disciplinary event is an opportunity to learn. Most situations can be resolved with a conversation and ongoing support from the faculty and administration; some situations warrant meetings with the administration and family. 

Bullying and Social Aggression

Aggressive behavior towards other students erodes the sense of community and undermines the safe learning environment.Bullying is defined as unwanted, aggressive behavior that involves a real or perceived power imbalance, is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated over time. Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose. These behaviors will be taken seriously and addressed expeditiously.

ACDS unplugged: personal technology policy

Helping children navigate the online world is a joint effort of the school and parents. At home, we ask parents to be aware of the platforms children are using and to put parameters in place. It is important that parents monitor how their children are “socializing” through technology. Although this interaction takes place outside of school, the school may step in if social media interactions affect the learning experience.

At school, students are not allowed to use personal electronics during school hours (includes cell phones, smart watches, and personal computers). We ask that parents respect and support this policy. Students turn off and put away any personal electronics during school hours of 8 am and 3:15 pm. If a student uses electronics during the school day, a teacher will deliver the device to an administrator.

On school trips, the prohibition on use of personal electronics during school continues to apply. Outdoor Education expeditions, field trips, class trips such as those to Denver, Leadville, Washington, DC, or Peru, are part of the school program and thus "unplugged" to allow students to focus on learning.


The school may elect to place a student on behavioral probation if, in the opinion of teachers and administrators, doing so is in the best interest of the student, other students, or the school. Academic probation is warranted if there is a grade of “F” in any academic class, or a preponderance of “D” or “C-” grades on any academic report. A student on either behavioral or academic probation will be evaluated to determine the most beneficial course of action. This may include not offering a reenrollment contract.

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