FAQ about financial aid

Who can apply?

Any current or prospective student may apply for financial aid, which entails submitting the online aid application and required tax forms (1040s, W-2s, business tax returns and other tax documents related to income or estimated income). Financial aid awards are available only for students in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade.

How does it work?

The guiding principle is that aid is need based, and given a fair determination of need, the family should assume as much financial responsibility as possible. Families should expect to contribute to their child’s educational expenses to the greatest extent they are able, given their economic situation. Financial aid awards vary by grade level and situation and provide families from a range of socio-economic backgrounds access to affording an Aspen Country Day School education.

What are the steps?
To help determine each family’s need, Aspen Country Day School subscribes to TADS (Tuition Aid Data Services) for financial aid processing and assessment. This is the same service we use for online enrollment and billing. Completing the form is not difficult; most of the information is already in your tax returns. The school also requests a copy of your most recent tax returns.

TADS assesses the family's current financial status. Common factors taken into consideration are family income, assets, debts, family size, age of parents, number of children attending tuition-based institutions, home equity, and certain other expenses. 

How do we know how much aid we might receive?

Based on your submission, TADS recommends an amount it estimates the family can afford for independent school education. If this "recommended family contribution" is less than the tuition, then the family may qualify for a grant, which is intended to help make up the difference. Grant monies are allocated early in the calendar year, so it is important to apply for aid early in the enrollment or reenrollment process. Country Day is not always able to meet demonstrated need. 

How do we find out what our aid would be?

The Aspen Country Day School Financial Aid Committee reviews each file carefully and confidentially. It may adjust the amount of the recommended family contribution based upon school policy, demand, and supporting documentation. The school then lets you know the amount of your grant, if any. If you choose to accept this award, it is deducted from the tuition due as you complete enrollment through the TADS system.

Is aid confidential?

Yes! This entire process is confidential, start to finish; no classmates or teachers or parents are told who is receiving financial aid. We ask that aid recipients also keep their grants confidential. 

How do we know we should apply?

Many times families hesitate to investigate tuition assistance because they assume that they will not qualify. It may well be that you will not qualify for a large grant, however, even a small award could make the difference in the decision to enroll or to continue at Country Day.

What standards must a student meet to continue receiving aid?

 The school’s academic and citizenship standards apply to all of our students. Attaching a “performance rider” is not consistent with this philosophy. The primary goal of tuition assistance is to make the Country Day experience available to qualified applicants.

Is it possible to get a grant to cover all expenses?

 There are no full expense grants, and each family participates financially to some extent. Again, the amount owed is based on ability to pay. The intent of this policy is not to burden families, but to create a partnership with the school with the common goal of enabling students to benefit from independent school education. All students, whether receiving aid or not, are responsible for the lunch, activities, and transportation fees

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