Problem-solving with physics & chemistry: new Eighth Grade Science class builds design thinkers
Posted 08/27/2018 10:42AM

We are excited to announce a new iteration of the Eighth Grade science curriculum that will keep pace with the ever-changing nature of science and education. Middle School science teachers Megan Talarico and Mark Sumera have developed a new course that incorporates the best of environmental science, physics, and chemistry. They will engage students in making new discoveries about the natural world, strengthening their skills of scientific inquiry, and exploring how we learn.

The Environmental Chemistry and Physics class will focus on solving environmental issues using physics and chemistry. In a high energy, positive, and creative community students will be challenged to deeply understand the natural world from both a macro-perspective of ecosystem sciences, as well as the chemistry and physics concepts setting the foundational reasoning for our observations. This innovative class will engage students in design and engineering challenges to solve real-world scenarios. Through a design thinking process, students will progress from building representative models to functional, testable prototypes. Following Next Generation Science Standards, the course offers a rigorous curriculum grounded in physical science concepts.